Vegobox: vegan snacks delivered to your door

This weekend I was lucky to receive a Vegobox in the mail. Vegobox is a monthly subscription service for vegans living in Europe. You sign up online and an assortment of vegan snacks are delivered to your door each month. Vegobox graciously offered to send me a sample box and I’m so glad they did!

Today I did a little taste test of all the goodies I received. The best part was that the box contained three chocolate bars! THREE.

Snack box subscription services like Vegobox are perfect for new vegans or those interested in veganism because they introduce you to new vegan products and tasty treats. These are things I wouldn’t normally seek out in the shop but I’m glad Vegobox broadened my snack horizons. 😉


Now I’m looking forward to topping my oatmeal with chocolate and chia pudding. Yum!

If you are interested in signing up for Vegobox, use the discount code LISA15 for 15% off and place your order here. 🙂


Am I being judged? Or am I judging myself?

After a much-needed break from proper blogging, I feel like I want to give it a go again. Now that I’m creating videos for my YouTube channel regularly, I don’t have much time to focus on writing. I miss it so I think I’ll aim to post on this blog at least once per week.

I’ve been back in Scotland for almost three weeks now and will be off to Thailand in a few days. It almost seems like I never left because everything here is the same. I’m back into “the swing of things” fine but I’m also struggling to come to terms with my eating. I’m still trying to sort out categories of foods: the foods I’m allowed to eat vs. the foods should I avoid, and then, of course, the foods I actually want to eat. I imagine these categories in a Venn diagram.


The foods I’m allowed to eat include fruit, veggies, potatoes, whole grains, and rice. The foods I should avoid are things like overt fats, processed foods, hummus, cakes, bread, other gluten/malt containing foods, and coffee. My problem is that I want to venture into the ‘foods I should avoid’ circle as often as I like without feeling guilty or judged.

I feel like I’m internalising a lot of judgement when it comes to the foods I eat. On one hand, I don’t care what other people think of me, but I can’t shake the feeling that some people are judging me for what I eat. They say they aren’t judging me personally, but if they seem to judge other people for eating similarly to how I’m eating currently, then it should follow that they are in fact judging me for eating the very same way.

Does it matter if others judge me? Not really, but I don’t like the feeling of being perceived as weak or deficient just because I eat differently.

I’ve been vegan for years now. My opinions and preferences for foods have changed. Yes, I was interested in a raw fruitarian lifestyle during the summer and still would be happy to live that way depending on where I end up living. I’m eating healthy cooked foods now (at least what I deem to be healthy, some people would argue otherwise) and I enjoy them. In the summer, depending on where we travel to first, I’ll probably revert back to eating mainly fruit simply because my favourite fruits will be in season and widely available.

Maybe it’s just me, but I never view eating habits as something that can be set in stone. I can never make the claim that I’d only eat fruit for the rest of my life, or that I’d never eat cooked food ever again.

If you don’t like eating cooked food, don’t eat it, but don’t judge others as deficient because they enjoy it. And similarly, don’t judge raw vegans just because you can’t imagine living that way. How about we don’t judge others at all? (I found Leo Babauta’s article, Letting Go of Judging People, helpful today.)

Or maybe my problem isn’t that others are judging me. Perhaps I’m too self-critical? Because for some reason, I can’t allow myself to not be strict when it comes to eating, so I feel judged or guilty anytime I relax my eating standards?

Sometimes I think it would be easier for me if I didn’t publicise the food I eat on social media. Perhaps I should just disappear for a bit and eat my food alone.

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