Goodbye, Dublin! It’s been real.

Today is my last full day in Dublin! I head to Scotland tomorrow afternoon after travelling around Europe for six months on my own. So glad this trip is finally over! I’ve learned so much about myself and have a better idea about where I want to go in life, and I’m not just referring to places I want to visit in the future. This trip has helped me refine my personal and professional goals as well.

Once I’m settled in Scotland this week, I’ll do a complete summary of my six-month trip. I need some time to organise my thoughts into a clear, coherent video or two. I have lots of information to share!


This trip and this year abroad has changed me (no surprise!). I feel like I experienced the biggest change here in Dublin. When I first arrived here, I was hell-bent on staying fully raw no matter what, and even though I struggled with it I didn’t want to give up on that goal. But instead of being easy on myself and understanding when I would deviate from this plan, I found myself harshly criticising and punishing myself for simply wanting to eat other foods.

I felt lost and confused mainly because when you travel alone, you don’t have anyone to talk to in person. I couldn’t vent or express my frustrations to anyone, and it’s hard for me to believe others could understand what I’m going through. While speaking to my boyfriend helped me immensely, I don’t think I would be where I am today if I never met my new friend Sheila here (thanks to Instagram).

We hung out several times, chatted so much, and went on a few day trips from Dublin. Befriending someone so genuine and caring helped me understand that we can and should be kind to ourselves. Just breathe and take it one step at a time. Be true to yourself first, and don’t force yourself into a strict regime for no good reason.

I really can’t express how awesome it was to connect with another vegan friend who seemed to completely understand where I was coming from. She really made my time in Dublin worthwhile and I’m so grateful we had the chance to meet! ❤️

I hope you have a great weekend! Catch you on Monday. 🙂


Download my e-book for free!

I’ve been outside the States travelling abroad for a whole year now! I remember this time last year. I travelled to Portland from California so I could visit my sister, her boyfriend, and my nephew before I departed. And just before I left the States, I finally finished my e-book and released it the night before my flight.


I’ve had it for sale for a year now but now it’s time to share it with EVERYONE. If you’re already vegan, that’s cool, if you’re not even close to being vegan that’s cool too! If you’re interested in quick, easy recipes or learning more about healthy minimalist cooking methods, check out my book.

I hope you like it! ❤️

What I eat in a day – my last week in Dublin!

Three more sleeps! I’m glad I have these videos to work on just to keep my mind off how EXCITED I am to be returning to Scotland in a few days.

I hope this video and my Cronometer food diary (posted below) can serve as a guide if you are interested in veganism. This will give you some idea about what meals are like.

When looking at my food diary, keep in mind:

  • My calorie intake is never set in stone. If I feel like I need to eat more, I simply eat more and never restrict calories.
  • My macronutrient ratio is set to LFRV (low fat raw vegan) within Cronometer. My calorie summary reflects percentages based on the 80/10/10 ratio. I aim to eat at least 80% of my calories from carbs, at most 10% from protein and at most 10% from fat.
  • Walking is my only form of exercise. My daily average is 4.9 miles.

My meals:

  • Breakfast: oatmeal made with oat milk topped with sliced bananas
  • Lunch: grapes and two oranges
  • Dinner: three gluten-free hummus wraps



My macronutrient ratio:

  • 79.3% of my calories came from carbohydrates
  • 9.4% from protein
  • 11.3% from fat

The best part of today (besides the sunshine) had to be the oranges. They were so sweet and juicy! I need to eat more citrus fruits because I miss them. My diet has been all over the place lately, but come this Saturday I’ll be back at home in Scotland. I’m SO PUMPED to be back with my boyfriend and cooking in our own kitchen again! I expect I’ll eat less hummus and more potatoes with steamed veggies since that’s ‘business as usual’ for him. He likes to cook our meals so I’m happy to eat whatever he prepares for us. 🙂

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