Walking through Dundee: always something new!

Today I actually counted how many weeks we have left here in Scotland before we move. We have just over six weeks left. Where has the time gone!

Sometimes I forget we were even in Thailand or that I was apart from Kuba for six months last summer because time moves so quickly. I feel like I’ve lived in Scotland for quite some time, yet I’ve only lived in Glasgow for four months and by the time we leave, I will have lived in Dundee for roughly seven months.

My time in Dundee was split due to my 6-month trip through Europe and our 3-week holiday to Thailand. Still, though, some days I feel like I’ve lived in Dundee for years! Even so, sometimes I’m reminded that Dundee’s a fairly large city with plenty of new spaces to explore.

This afternoon I was in the city centre with my friend Ash. After catching up over smoothies and soup, I walked back up the hill so I could meet Kuba just as he was finishing work. Kuba works at the top of this massive hill in Dundee close to where we live. The highest point in Dundee isn’t too far away from our flat!

Instead of taking my usual route, I opted for the less familiar route on Google Maps and let it direct me through previously unexplored neighbourhoods. Perhaps to most people, taking a different route up a massive hill wouldn’t have been that exciting, but since I’m always searching for interesting details and compositions to film, I was happy to “discover” a new walking route. Thanks, Google Maps!

Not only was this new route more interesting than my usual climb, it was more quiet and scenic as opposed to being along a major road. I think I’ll use this route from now on, just until I find a better one, of course.

I also posted a new video on my channel today. It’s a vlog recapping the start of my week. Thanks for watching!


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