What do you miss the most?

Someone asked me this question on one of my YouTube videos where I explain how I sold all of my belongings in the course of a year.

Surprisingly, I don’t miss many of the material possessions I used to “love,” but sometimes I do find myself missing things if they’d be useful to me in my present situation. (Isn’t it strange to say we “love” material possessions?) For instance, I often miss my Vitamix because I like making smoothies and sauces and I’d really like to make nice cream (frozen banana “ice cream”) once the weather gets warmer.

Kuba and I have a blender here and it does the job. It isn’t as good as the Vitamix but it still gives us smoothies with minimal effort. And really, I can always acquire another Vitamix in the future, so missing my Vitamix is kind of silly. While I do miss my Vitamix, I’m happy that it has a new home with one of my friends back in the States.

There was a time when I thought I missed my car but in reality, I miss cruising up and down California, long road trips anywhere I please, and time alone spent in the car.

I also miss living in California. I miss tossing the frisbee around on the beach, real Mexican food, my favourite cafés, and the weather. But that doesn’t stop me from living my dreams here in Scotland, and in Europe, and wherever else we travel to in the next few years. I miss all the fun times from my past and all my friends back in the States, and I wish there was a way we could all live close enough to where we could visit each other anytime we wanted.

But I just can’t stay in one place for too long. I get bored once I’m familiar with my surroundings, and inevitably I start looking for a new place to explore.

Even though I miss my friends, I hope that we can reconnect someday. Maybe I’ll return to the States (though not anytime soon) or we’ll meet up abroad. And I bet it will feel like we were never apart! At least that’s how it was when I did my month-long road trip across the States. I visited several friends during that trip, some of which I hadn’t spoken to in years, with the exception of a few exchanges on Facebook. Yet everything was fine the second we met up. In fact, it was better than fine! It was a blast!

Missing California or my friends and family isn’t enough to stop me from moving forward. Some days I find myself missing people or places more than other days. I  focus on the positive memories from that time in my life yet I continue to look forward. I know that with every day that passes, I’m creating a life worth remembering.


2 thoughts on “What do you miss the most?

  1. California and your friends miss you, too!!! I definitely relate strongly to this post, now that I’m living a greatly “downsized” lifestyle in SF. I miss things sometimes, especially kitchenware. But the hardest part is that all my old friends seem sooo far away (and for the most part they ARE sooo far away!) But so long as I’ve got my violin, laptop, and phone, and so long as I get to cross paths with friends when opportunity arises, I’m happy. I’m like you and get the need to move and explore, but the Bay Area gives me plenty to explore for now!

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    1. Thank you Michael! I miss you so much! I’m grateful I got to see you during my summer road trip, for your visit out to California, and for all the fun university times! Seeing all your photos makes me so happy and envious (in a good way!) because I wish I could be out there hiking with you. I’m looking forward to seeing you again! Hopefully sooner rather than later 🙂


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