Happy Friday!

I think I’ll do more ‘What I eat’ videos during the week because they seem to be popular. I think we’re all interested and curious about the eating habits of others. At least I know I am, since my Instagram feed is nothing but food! 🙂


I’ve been eating more fats lately and I feel good. Today I even managed to eat an entire 200g tub of hummus! It was tasty and filling but I probably shouldn’t be eating it every day. Avocado is my first choice for fat since it isn’t processed at all, but I also picked up some hummus and Meridian peanut butter to eat as I like. I’ll eat fats as I crave them but will try to fill up on fruit first.

At any rate, I’m happy with all the food I ate today and everything I’ve eaten this week. I’m ready for the weekend as this will be my first full weekend with Kuba now that I’ve been back here for close to a week.

I hope you have a nice weekend! Catch up with you on Monday. Thanks for reading my blog and watching my videos! 🙂


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