No more labels.

I’ve decided to not push myself to adhere to any specific label when it comes to my diet. I love eating fully raw fruitarian because I feel the absolute best eating that way, but honestly, I haven’t had an interest in eating that way since I arrived in Dublin. I’ll probably go back to eating only fruit in the summer when watermelon is abundant as I’m travelling around Europe again, but for now, I’m going to eat other things as well.

I’ll still aim for high carb low fat meals but won’t stress if I eat more fat from time to time. I expect to keep eating lots of fruit in addition to cooked veggies, potatoes, rice, whole grains, and even legumes when I want them.

Loading up on fruit this summer has taught me to pay closer attention to my body and how I feel. I’m better able to realise when I’m genuinely full and now I only eat when I’m truly hungry. If I have a large lunch that keeps me satiated late into the night (like I did today), I don’t force myself to eat dinner. And now I don’t eat when I’m bored.

I’ve been super stressed out about trying to force myself to eat only fruit since arriving here, and thanks to my friends Carolina, Sheila, and my boyfriend for helping me realise that I’m the only person putting pressure on myself. I can eat fully raw whenever I want, but I don’t need to stress out or feel badly about myself if I do choose to eat cooked foods provided they are still healthy and nourishing.

I’m hoping to start cooking more once I’m back in Scotland this weekend (still minimalist cooking, of course) and plan on sharing my cooking methods and recipes here on the blog and on my YouTube channel.

If I had to choose a label to describe my way of eating, I’d choose several: high carb low fat, whole food, plant-based, healthy vegan with little to no processed stuff.

What do you think about labels?


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