My favourite vegan spots in Dublin.

My friends Ivy and Leo came to visit me in Dublin! I’m so glad they did because now I feel like I haven’t been away from Scotland for so long. It was so nice to see them in person! We had a few days together and that was more than enough time to walk all over Dublin and sample some highly-recommended vegan-friendly eateries and cafés. There really isn’t much else to do in Dublin, especially in the winter, unless you are into shopping and drinking.

These are my favourite vegan-friendly Dublin restaurants and cafés so far:

  • Kaph – Drury Street. I’ve only been to Kaph once but their matcha latte was excellent! They also have a coconut-soy milk blend in addition to almond milk. They have plenty of seating upstairs, too.
  • Accents – Stephen Street Lower. Try the matcha latte with almond milk and the banana bread! They tend to have at least one other vegan dessert as well. This café looks small but there’s much more seating downstairs. Here you’ll find lots of couches and lounge chairs, in addition to bean bags. Accents is open late too!
  • Govindas – Middle Abbey. This is set up like a cafeteria. They had half a dozen sides and several salads to choose from, and everything was vegan except one cheese dish. You order a small, medium, or large plate and specify which sides you want, or you can ask for a little bit of everything. The small plate is only €6.50 and piled high. Don’t bother with the other Govindas location on Aungier St. because the portions are smaller yet more expensive, and the variety isn’t as good as the Govindas on Middle Abbey. Everything at Govindas is free from onion and garlic as well.
  • Umi Falafel – Dame Street. You can order to sit-in or for take-away but sit-in costs a euro extra. Umi offers lots of vegan options and the menu is clearly marked. I ordered a Lebanese falafel wrap and Ivy ordered the Palestinian falafel (which comes in a pita pocket). You can also choose your own fillings. My wrap was €6.

I’ve also eaten at Cornucopia, an all-vegetarian restaurant, once with my friend Sheila. The food was tasty but it was much more expensive than Govindas and the portions were significantly smaller. If you definitely don’t like Indian food, check out Cornucopia, but otherwise stick with Govindas because you get more food for your money!

If you are looking for specific vegan ingredients and can’t find them in Tesco, check out the Dublin Food Co-op or Down to Earth Foods. Anyone can shop at the Dublin Food Co-op (members get a modest discount) but remember that it isn’t open on Mondays and Tuesdays. The Co-op had a larger selection than Down to Earth Foods but isn’t as central.

I’m so lucky that Ivy and Leo came to visit me and glad we were able to try out these vegan places. Now I’m more positive about my last week and a half here. I think I’ll be able to survive the next few days!

I’ve had fun on this mini cooked food “holiday” but I need to get back to the basics. My digestion isn’t so easy now and I can definitely feel the extra salt consumption with puffiness in my face and around my eyes. Tomorrow I’ll be recording everything I eat for seven days straight as a way to motivate myself (and hopefully others) to eat fruit. My goal is to keep this up until I return to Scotland, as a way to reset my body and my mind. Wish me luck!

What are your favourite vegan spots in Dublin?


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