Is eating fully raw overrated?

I feel like there’s always confusion surrounding the raw food lifestyle. I completely support those who want to eat a low fat fully raw diet (one that focuses on fruit), but too many people seem to focus on the raw label over everything else. This means they assume going fully raw will solve all their problems, whether it be health or weight issues, and this isn’t the case, especially if you are eating a high fat raw diet.


If you want to eat fully raw for health, you must limit your fat intake to less than 10% of your daily calories. This means minimising the amount of nuts, seeds, avocado, and oil you consume. A slice of raw vegan cheesecake isn’t a health food simply because it is made with raw nuts and dates. It’s still chock-full of fat and should be eaten sparingly.

I prefer a fully raw fruitarian lifestyle but understand that logically we can be just as healthy eating a mostly raw fruitarian diet with some cooked foods mixed in. Nothing detrimental will happen to you if you eat steamed veggies or potatoes, pasta, or even bread once in a while. To me, it is more important to focus on minimally processed whole foods for health instead of sticking to a fully raw diet for the sake of a label. Eat as much raw fruit and veg as you can, but don’t obsess about being fully raw.

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I hope you have an excellent weekend!


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