Why I love social media!

I’m always an advocate for social media specifically when it comes to meeting new people. I’ve met up with so many like-minded vegans from Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook. I can’t imagine how I’d ever meet them without these accounts because vegans can be hard to find, especially when you are travelling 24/7!

On this 6-month trip around Europe, I would have never met Angelina and Felix who hosted me in Berlin, my super-positive high carb-loving friend Carolina in Palma de Mallorca, fellow fruitbat Saša in Ljubljana, or new friend Sheila here in Dublin without social media. This doesn’t include all the vegans I’ve connected with online (I haven’t been able to meet all of them in person given my travel plans, but I hope to someday!) nor does it include all the amazing people I’ve met in Scotland before I started this trip.

I’ve made so many friends through my social media accounts! I can’t imagine my life without them. And I definitely wouldn’t have crossed paths with my boyfriend Kuba if I didn’t have an online presence. Not only did we both have to leave our home countries and move to Scotland, but we both were in the same place at the same time thanks to vegan groups on Facebook.


How do you feel about social media?

How do you use it?


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