Stop living in the past!

Too often people are stuck living in the past. They’ll say things like: I wish I could go back to high school. Those were the best times of my life! OR I wish I could relive my 20s. I feel like I missed out! 

You are living in regret if you feel this way. Wishing you could relive parts of your life is a waste of time. Fortunately, we don’t have time machines so you’ll NEVER be able to relive them. It’s time to move on!

Instead of living in regret, look to the future instead. Your life should be getting better as you get older. You’ve accumulated knowledge and experience through the years, and now you (an adult person) control your destiny. It’s ludicrous to think the best times of your life have already passed you by. You have the rest of your life ahead of you!

I never understand the longing to revisit a time like high school or uni. These are immensely stressful times where the majority of people lack a basic understanding of who they are or what they want in life. I would NEVER want to relive them. Perhaps some people yearn for a time where they were free from adult responsibilities, but there’s absolutely no use wishing to return to a more immature time in your life. You are an adult now, so deal with your responsibilities and handle your issues.


Don’t forget about where you came from but never dwell on the past. Just remember that you can’t change the past but what you CAN change is your future and where you’re heading. Set measurable goals and work on them daily if you want to change your life for the better.


2 thoughts on “Stop living in the past!

  1. If “living in the past” is a waste of time, so is reading books. After all, they were written in the past by other people. Is it worse to be living someone else’s past? 🙂 ehhehe [And, while I am on that point, what about reading anything written by anyone? How is that moving forward toward the future? Isn’t research looking up past information/events? What of the now?]

    Living in the past can also be reminiscing. Sometimes, retracing steps, we find things we failed to see before. When you misplace your keys, you have to retrace your steps to find them. Sometimes, people go back in time in their heads to unravel knots that have been plaguing them. Other times, yes, consistently reliving a mistake at a potentially crucial moment, can hold a person back. [I speak from experience.]

    As for the whole time machine BS, what do we really know? I suspect anything we can think of is possible. Heaven forbid anyone go back in time and wreak havok as we see in films and TV shows. But, in our own way, we may find a way to travel back or even be reincarnated to relive our “mistakes” til we “get it right.”

    I have relived high school many times in nightmares. Yes, it was a mostly awful, unpleasant time. But, it’s also a key stage in development. Mad men go to these moments in history to change the time line. Why? Just what I said. They are key shifts in evolution, whether communal or personal. And, if you never heard the expression, “Sometimes you have to go into the trap/go down to get out of it/get up,” you might look into it. I suspect there are times when we choose to relive a past event…and other times when we cannot avoid reliving them, when they come back to haunt us. You may not want to relive it, but, guess what, it’s there, waiting for you to clean up the mess.

    As for accumulating knowledge and wisdom, I wonder how many really accumulate anything from high school. Maybe reliving that time is a way of clearing away the drug-induced cobwebs so many indulge or tolerate. Living in a fog instead of making productive use of that time. While I can say I have learned a lot over the years, I am not so certain, now, or ever. As much as I think I know or learned, I am realizing I am far from being a genius at anything. It seems to be a human error to assume one knows enough to call him or herself an expert.

    In short, perhaps, looking back at some past event can help give new perspective to what went wrong and how to avoid repeating it rather than simply avoiding every similar situation. Obsessing over a mistake, however, as you say, is not productive. But, all this promotional affirmation “life is too short” BS is enough to make anyone less motivated kill him or herself. You eat your plants, and I’ll eat mine.


  2. A suggestion for dealing with those who are annoying you with living in the past: Try suggesting an activity that encapsulates the time but keeps the person in the present. For example, some people regret never going to prom. It is just as fruitless to think solely of going back to get that prom as it is to piss on someone’s wish to do so. So, maybe provide or offer an opportunity to do the thing the person wishes they had but failed to achieve/get. In the case of a prom, stage a room for a dance and invite the person.


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