Living with non-vegans: pros and cons.

I had a rough day today. I think it’s mainly because of the lack of sunlight, but perhaps I’m just tired of travelling like this at this time. I really miss my boyfriend lately! I’m so ready for this trip to be over so we never have to be separated ever again. I was undecided about posting this video and blog post just because I felt so down today. I’m glad I uploaded it because it didn’t turn out so bad!


I’ve lived with non-vegans before and am currently renting a room with two non-vegan hosts. For the most part, living with non-vegans is challenging for me because of food sanitation issues. I don’t like the thought of using the same kitchen tools (like a cutting board) and cleaning supplies (like sponges) when animal products are involved.

Fortunately, I’m quite spoiled when it comes to my friends since most of them are vegan! But because of this, I’m always shocked when I do end up sharing a space with non-vegans. Sometimes I forget that most people eat meat every day (if not several times per day) and don’t even think about it.

Have you lived with non-vegans before? 

Would you ever have a non-vegan roommate?

Why or why not?


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