My second day in Dublin: vitamin D needed!

Happy Friday! I spent all day today walking around Dublin. Walking is my favourite way to explore a new city. Walking is free, great exercise, and weather-permitting, FUN.


I walked by the castle and spent some time relaxing in the courtyard of Trinity College. I suspect I’ll revisit Trinity College (as well as St. Stephen’s Green, the park I visited yesterday) often in the next few weeks.

Since I’m trying to avoid eating out, I’m keen to find comfortable areas for a picnic or quick snack. If I need to warm up, I prefer to hang out in shopping centres. Most have free bathrooms and wi-fi. The Jervis Centre, my personal favourite so far, even has a Tesco located right inside! I’ll be back for another quick and easy lunch for sure.

This is the vitamin D spray I purchased today: BetterYou DLux 1000. I’ve only been here for two days now but I can already feel a dip in my mood from the lack of sunlight here. I experienced the same thing when I moved to Scotland last winter. This spray is cheap (under €9 for 100 sprays) and easy to use (just one spray per day). It made a huge difference in my mood and mental well-being last winter, so I had to pick up another bottle today. I can’t recommend it enough! If you feel down in the dumps lately and don’t get out in the sunshine often, try this spray for a few weeks and see how you feel.

I’m glad this will be my last proper winter. Once I move to Panama next summer, I don’t expect to travel to this part of the world during the winter ever again. I’ll just need to visit Scotland in the spring and summer instead!

How do you feel about winter? Love it or hate it?


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