My first full day in Dublin!

I’m so happy to finally be in Dublin. I didn’t do much today besides walk around the city center. It didn’t feel like much, but now I see I’ve walked over seven miles today!

I’m definitely not used to the hustle and bustle of the city, especially after spending a month on Korčula. (Note to self: only visit Croatia in the off-season.) Fortunately, I stumbled upon St. Stephen’s Green Park, a tree-filled autumn oasis right in the middle of the city.

I’ve never visited Dublin before but I find it comfortably familiar. Dublin reminds me of Edinburgh and Glasgow so I feel right at home. (I’m not from Scotland, but I do consider it my home since that’s where my boyfriend lives currently.)

My room here in Dublin is excellent! I’m sharing the space with a young couple and their sweet cat. Not only is everything super clean and organised, the cat is even trained to use the people toilet! So no litter box mess at all! As weird as it sounds, I really hope I can catch the cat in the act just so I can snap a photo.

The flat is located just outside of the city, so it’s nice and peaceful here in the evenings. I have a food shop at the end of the street here, as well as a big Tesco a short 20-minute walk away.

I’m looking forward to wandering around the city tomorrow, as well as meeting up with a former uni classmate this weekend.

Have you visited Dublin before?

Do you have any recommendations for things to do?


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