Korčula to Dubrovnik by ferry.

This past Saturday I said farewell to the island of Korčula. Time passed so quickly while I was there. I can’t believe we’re nearly into November! And that means I’ll be back in Scotland very soon…can you tell that’s all I think about lately?

The best part about Korčula was definitely the citrus fruit. I can’t get enough of it! I also enjoyed staying outside of town, away from everyone, because I had ample space to myself and plenty of quiet time. I had an excellent stay there and definitely recommend visiting Korčula in the off season! It was nice being able to walk around town without swarms of tourists.

You can find more photos of Korčula (as well as photos from the rest of this trip) in my gallery.

The ferry to Dubrovnik was quick and easy. It wasn’t crowded at all and only took two hours. I managed to stay outside on the deck the entire time so I could film, and surprisingly, I didn’t get sick! I didn’t even need to open my pack of candied ginger. Go me!

This is one of my favourite videos so far. Croatia is breath-taking and I can’t take these sights for granted.


I’m in Dubrovnik for the next few days before travelling to Dublin. I can’t wait to arrive in Dublin because then I’m basically back home! Kuba will visit me in Dublin in less than two weeks, and then my friends Ivy and Leo will meet me in Dublin once they return from their trip abroad to Japan. One of my friends from the university is also studying in Dublin at this time, so I’m looking forward to catching up with her as well! And thanks to Instagram, I’m hoping to meet up with another fruit vegan.

I leave for Dublin Wednesday afternoon. Until then, I’ll try to make the most of my time here!

Do you have any recommendations for Dublin?


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