Shifting my focus.

My main goal has always been to inspire others to try veganism. This is why I work so hard on this blog and my social media accounts. I can’t count the number of vegan-curious people who’ve messaged me about this fruit lifestyle or veganism in general, and it makes me so happy!

I know I have an influence on many more people, whether they be friends or followers because not everyone feels the need to message me, or perhaps they aren’t ready to commit to veganism just yet, and that’s okay. My goal is only to plant the seed of veganism in their minds, to show them that it is possible to be completely happy, healthy, and full of energy without meat and animal products. Anyone can live this way, and I hope to inspire others to make a change.

While I enjoy posting on this blog, I feel that shifting my focus to my YouTube channel would be a better use of my time because I can reach more people. More people prefer to watch videos over reading a blog post simply because it’s easier, as they can have the video playing in the background as they work on other tasks. (At least that’s how I watch videos.)

Not only are videos easier for my audience, videos are easier for me because the process takes less time. The more time I have, the more time I can spend creating useful resources. Granted, speaking into a camera does have its disadvantages. Unlike writing a blog post, I don’t have the ability to spend hours editing and tweaking my message, figuring out the exact way to say something.

That being said, I still prefer videos over blog posts because I feel like I’m having a conversation with my audience. It’s more intimate if that makes sense. I feel like others will be better able to understand who I am through my daily videos, and in turn, more people will be convinced to try this lifestyle. At the very least I hope my videos encourage others to eat more fruit.

My plan now is to post videos on my channel Monday through Friday. I will post these videos on my blog, as well as the highlights and anything I need to add. This blog will still serve as a much-needed reference.

I’ll continue my ‘What I eat in a day’ videos and posts every Wednesday. This is my video from last week. For the corresponding blog post, click here.

Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you enjoy my videos as well. Tomorrow’s video (and blog post) will focus on why we fail on raw diets. Stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “Shifting my focus.

      1. That’s unfortunate. :/ It can be difficult to eat enough calories eating a raw vegan diet depending on the type of diet you follow. Focusing on fruit makes it easier because fruits are higher in calories than most veggies. It does take some time to get used to eating a large volume of fruit, though.

        Starch Solution is an excellent high carb low fat cooked vegan plan that guarantees calories, simply because its staples are grains and potatoes. (If you aren’t familiar with it!)

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