My daily goals and how I spend my time.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, writing your goals down or publicising them are ways to hold yourself accountable. I wanted to share some of my goals before I start my weekend. I’ve touched on some of these before but mentioning them again motivates me to keep working! And I hope it inspires you to set daily goals for yourself.

I work on these goals daily in order to set myself up for success down the road:

  • meditation every morning
  • studying Polish on DuoLingo
  • posting on this blog Monday – Friday
  • networking on Instagram for at least one hour
  • posting a new video to my YouTube channel every Wednesday
    • I don’t work on this daily, but I do have it in the back of my mind all week as I plan out what/where I’ll film next. I’m also considering posting more videos during the week very soon!

I just started meditation this week. I’m not sure about it but it is far too early for me to decide to abandon it. I’ll keep at it for a few weeks at least.

I’ve been studying Polish for months, even before I started this trip around Europe. I’m hoping to finish the Polish program on DuoLingo before I return to Scotland in two months so this means I must study it daily. Fortunately, DuoLingo is a free language learning program available online and on my phone. It’s fun and I enjoy it! Once I’m done with Polish, I’ll move onto Spanish. I studied Spanish for years and am already comfortable speaking Spanish in conversation, but as always my language skills can be improved.

One of my long-term goals is to build a vast following across social media so I can better promote this fruit lifestyle. This means I spend at least three hours working on this blog every Monday through Friday.

In general, social media promoting takes up a large part of my time. Usually, I spend a few hours every day:

  • photographing, editing, and posting to Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook
  • responding to comments and messages on all social media platforms
  • liking and commenting on other vegan accounts on social media

Lately, I’ve made it a point to actively seek out other vegan accounts on social media as a way to network. I do this by searching through photos tagged with certain hashtags on Instagram, like #vegan, #801010, #fruitarian (to name a few). This way I find new accounts to follow as well as meet other fruit vegans around the globe.

Some of my days are busier than others. Filming my ‘What I eat in a day‘ videos takes all day and editing takes a few hours. Besides editing video clips together, I need to find suitable background music and create a thumbnail. On filming days I’m forced outside so I can film something interesting, and that isn’t a problem at all!

Walking is my preferred exercise at the moment. I walk into town every other day, load my backpack up with fruit, and walk back. This journey takes me 2.5 hours round trip.

What about free time?

I don’t feel like I have loads of free time even though I create my own schedule. Most of my time is filled with productive tasks, like studying Polish or drafting blog posts, but I do allow myself to sit back and relax for a few hours every day.

Last week I signed up for a free trial of Netflix so I’m able to watch a few episodes of my favourite shows from time to time. In addition to Netflix, sometimes I’ll watch videos on YouTube. Kuba and I spend a few hours every day on the phone as well.

While I do welcome some free time, I still prefer to be productive if I can. I always have my long-term goals in mind.

Moving forward, my goal for this weekend is to lay off the Netflix for a bit and work on more blog posts. I’ve been sucked into House of Cards lately but I really should prepare myself (and this blog) for next week. Since I don’t post to this blog on the weekends, I don’t need to spend a full three hours on Saturday and Sunday writing blog posts but I would like to spend at least an hour each day preparing posts for the following week. I’d like to have a few posts started before Monday rolls around.

And in general, I hope to get out of the house more often. The weather isn’t so nice today but it should be clear and sunny tomorrow. I need to get outside and move!

What are your daily goals?

How do you spend your free time?


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