I’m back in Berlin!

The past two weeks have flown by! I left Poznań this afternoon and am finally settled in my flat in Berlin. I’m staying in a different part of town this time and have a flat all to myself. I arrived here later than I anticipated, so I will post my Poland re-cap tomorrow instead of rushing through it tonight.

For now, just know that my time in Poland was full of ups and downs. Meeting my boyfriend’s family for the first time and suffering from intense allergies every day made the past two weeks in Poland difficult. Not being able to breathe normally for two weeks straight really put a damper on my mood. Despite this, I’m still glad I was able to spend every minute with my boyfriend after not seeing him for three weeks.

I am exhausted even though today wasn’t a strenuous day of travel. I was only in transit for around 3 hours (I took a train from Poznań to Berlin) but I think the stress and sadness of leaving my boyfriend again coupled with settling into my new flat in Berlin wore me out. Also, I’ve been taking allergy medication every 4-6 hours so my mind is in a fog 24/7.

I hope I will sleep well tonight because I have more exploring to do tomorrow. I’m in Berlin for a few more days before I head to Spain next week. I’m ready to move on with this Euro trip. One month down, five to go!


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