My new normal.

I wrote this piece after visiting the UK (London and Edinburgh) for the first time at the end of March last year. I find it interesting to look back on my journal from so long ago. (Okay, so it isn’t too long ago but my life has changed significantly for the better since then!)

By the end of March, I had been out of work for 4 months as I quit my job at the end of November 2014. From that point, I had approximately one year before I would set off as a full nomad abroad. In that year, I sold everything I owned including my car, finished the lease to my apartment and moved in with a friend. I had not purchased my one-way ticket to the UK just yet, as I wasn’t sure where I’d travel to first. I remember it being terribly difficult to focus on anything else once I set a timeline for myself!

It took three flights for me to get back to the States from Edinburgh. I flew from Edinburgh to Madrid, Madrid to Moscow, then Moscow back to Los Angeles. I was on a plane for almost 20 hours and that’s not including my layovers at the Madrid and Moscow airports!

Being on the move is the only thing that feels normal to me. While I loathe flying and would always opt for a train when possible, I love not being tied down to one location for too long. With all my necessities packed away in a backpack and a small handbag, I was able to move around with ease. Before I headed to the Edinburgh airport I dumped some clothes because I wanted to lighten my load further, and even considered tossing my second-rate laptop in the trash (but I didn’t because I figured I could sell it eventually).

Being back at ‘home’ in my California apartment and knowing I’ll be here for the next few months scares and bores me. Granted I’m free from the apartment come August, I just can’t stand staying in one place for months. I have a few mini-trips planned in the meantime, like I’m heading up to Napa twice in April, and have a month-long road trip in the works for this summer, yet I’m not looking forward to the time in between those trips.

At least my main focus will be selling the last of my belongings, so that should keep me busy somewhat. My problem, though, is not that I need to keep busy all the time…I just need to be experiencing new people and things.

When I’m in one location for too long, spending weeks at my apartment, I have time to recognise my stagnation. I fill my time with language classes, homework, reading, running, writing…but also by watching YouTube documentaries, movies, spending loads of time on Facebook…I don’t want time to consider the latter activities.

I want time to relax while I’m on the move, but my kind of relaxation is a nice long soak in the tub—something I took advantage of while staying in Edinburgh. I hate driving an hour or so just to get a good hike in. I’ve walked everywhere in this small town…it’s time for me to move on. I’m so looking forward to other stateside trips this summer.

I’m also completely stoked about purchasing my one-way ticket out of the States. I’m not sure where I’m departing from or where I’m flying into, but I will be in Europe at the end of the year and completely free from any stateside obligations! What a great feeling!

If you’d like to know more about why I decided to risk it all and how I ended up in Scotland, check out my nomad story.

Do you keep a journal? 

Do you ever reflect on former journal entries?

Have you learned anything about yourself from doing so?


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