44 miles walked in two days.

What a weekend! The weather in Dundee has been phenomenal lately. I now have an impressive tan, something I never thought would be possible in Scotland. I’m so glad I’m having a taste of summer before I begin my 6-month trip around Europe.

Yesterday my boyfriend and I made the most of our day by walking to Broughty Ferry, a quaint seaside suburb of Dundee. Once we reached the castle, we sprawled out on the grass overlooking the sandy beach and snacked on grapes and clementines. Pure bliss! We walked 13.5 miles round trip and ‘broke in’ our new minimalist sandals. (Broke in our feet is more correct, as these sandals are designed to mimic barefoot walking. My poor feet are not used to walking barefoot at all.)

Today we walked even more, as I had planned a Green Circular walking expedition for this lovely Sunday in May about a month ago. Our new vegan friend, Inka, joined us bright and early for a full day of walking and some first rate vegan chat. We racked up 30.67 miles today in around 9 hours strolling around Dundee in the sunshine.

Walking 13.5 miles with new ‘barefoot’ sandals a day before today’s trek probably wasn’t the best idea. Today my feet were sore and my calves tight, but we pushed on anyway. Truth be told, my legs loosened up quite a bit in the first half of the walk, and I just got used to trudging along with sore feet. Today I walked the entire Circular in my trainers just to give my feet a rest. This time around, the 30-mile walk seemed easier, and I’m not sure if it’s because I’m now familiar with the route or if I’m simply in better shape and more experienced with walking long distances.

Either way, we had a great day! Now it’s time for a well-deserved dinner or two and rest.

Do you like to walk or hike?

What’s your favourite way to stay active?



4 thoughts on “44 miles walked in two days.

  1. That’s quite a walk! Husband and I are planning a trip to Scotland in late summer and will walk quite a bit. Today was a training day, first “official” one, with a 7 mile walk. We’ll build up to about 15 miles a day. Seven was not hard at all, just more than we’re used to.

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    1. It was a great day of walking. I’m feeling it now though! That’s great that you will be visiting Scotland soon, and that you plan on walking so much. 15 miles a day sounds like a good goal. You’ll be surprised how quickly your body gets used to walking long distances! 🙂 My boyfriend and I are considering walking around Europe sometime next year. We were thinking of pacing ourselves at 15 miles per day as well.


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