A minimalist kitchen.

I’m a minimalist in every aspect of my life, including veganism.

I feel that high carb low fat lifestyle is perfect for minimalist vegans because everything about this lifestyle is very simple. I only eat fruits and veggies and can eat as much as I want, without worrying about weight issues or counting calories. My diet is incredibly straightforward. All foods are eaten in their natural state with minimal preparation. No added oil, salt, or seasonings.

Currently, I’m fortunate to share a space with my boyfriend, who also happens to be a minimalist HCLF vegan. (Thanks universe for hooking that up!) Eating this way means we need very little in the kitchen. Our kitchen is always clean and never cluttered. Most of the cupboards are bare since we just don’t own enough stuff to fill them. We have no need for a spice collection, sauces, or any other dry goods you may store in a pantry.

More plates and cutlery means more dishes to wash, so we only have what we need. Besides our steamer and blender, we have two knives, two forks (and spoons which we rarely use), two bowls and one plate, and a cutting board. We have one mug and a smaller blender canister that we use for smoothies.

The kitchen does come equipped with a stove but we never use it since we don’t actually cook anything (besides steaming our veggies, and we let the steamer handle that). Usually, the stove is covered in citrus or bananas (a heap of bananas to be honest!).

Our fridge is tiny but suits us. Usually, we eat food as soon as we buy it (or soon thereafter) so the fridge is rarely packed full. Some foods, like veggies, potatoes, and grapes, are purchased daily. We buy bananas twice a week since they take longer to ripen.

Our kitchen is uncomplicated just like our meals. Fruits and veggies require little to no preparation. For fruit meals, this takes a few seconds: rinse off whatever we plan on eating, peel or slice it (optional) and dig in! Dinner takes a bit longer, but cutting veggies and potatoes takes only a few minutes. Once it’s all in the steamer, we set the timer and let it do its thing. (I say ‘we’ but he’s the one making dinner every night—lucky me!)

The best part is that this simplicity saves us lots of time. We don’t waste time in the kitchen since we don’t cook and there isn’t much to organise or clean, we don’t waste time in the grocery store since we only shop in the produce section, and we don’t waste time figuring out what to cook for dinner, what to pack for lunch, or what to eat for breakfast. The answer is always fresh fruit, a smoothie, or a bottomless bowl of steamed veggies and potatoes.

I’d rather spend this time elsewhere, involving myself in more fun activities…what about you?


4 thoughts on “A minimalist kitchen.

  1. Wow, such an inspiration. That is really awesome that you and your boyfriend are on the same wave length and can live together in that way. This post is totally inspiring me to reconsider what my boyfriend and I use in the kitchen! So cool. Great post 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your comment and thanks for reading! I think you’ll enjoy de-cluttering your kitchen or at the very least organising it. It’s so easy to have a kitchen full of stuff we never use! At least that’s how my kitchen used to be a few years ago 🙂

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