No more shampoo.

New life goal: quit washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner.

A few reasons motivated me to quit using these products:

1. My scalp is always dry. Always. I’ve tried scores of ‘natural’ hair care products and even started taking a zinc supplement hoping to remedy my flaky scalp. This seemed to help but didn’t completely fix the problem.

2. I don’t like lugging around bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Even the small bottles take up space in my bag, and traveling with them can be annoying because liquids aren’t allowed in a carry-on bag (I never check luggage) and sometimes they leak. (Another option is dry shampoo, but those don’t work well with my hair.)

3. I quit washing my face almost 2 years ago, and my skin dramatically improved, so shouldn’t my scalp and hair respond similarly if I quit washing them? It didn’t make sense to wash my face with products only to strip the natural oil and moisture from my skin. I also suffered from terrible acne for years and wanted my skin to breathe and heal naturally. Now my skin is clear and I’m not wasting any money on unnecessary skin care products. Score!

4. I loathe paying money for something that isn’t completely necessary. I am that cheap. I’d rather spend that money on food, honestly!

I’ve tried ‘no poo’ i.e. no shampoo methods before with no success. The first time I quit shampoo, I started washing my hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar instead. I would mix up a bit of baking soda with water in the shower, slowly pour it onto my head and massage it in, then I’d spray on a 50/50 mix of apple cider vinegar and water and rinse well. This left my hair clean but smelly until it dried completely. I would wash my hair this way every other day, or every three days or so. My hair and scalp were fine initially, but after a few months my hair felt fried (as if I had coloured it or treated it chemically—terrible!) and my dry scalp returned with a vengeance!

I stopped washing my hair completely when I tried ‘no poo’ for the second time. I would only rinse it out in the shower and rarely brushed it. That lasted for a month. By the end of the month, my head was so greasy! I couldn’t stand it anymore and reluctantly returned to shampoo.

Now I am determined to quit it for good.

I still ’wash’ my hair every day in the shower as if I’m using shampoo, give it a good scrubbing, and brush it regularly to evenly distribute the oil. (Thanks to my boyfriend for these tips!)

I quit shampoo over a week ago and my hair is fine! My hair looks and feels a lot healthier now. I think washing it every day (even just with water) and regular brushing helps tremendously, as well as my clean diet. My diet has never been this clean!

My hair is a bit oily and I still have dandruff but I think this will disappear over time. It took my face about a month to adjust when I quit washing it. Initially, my skin became more oily, but that subsided after a few weeks. Now my face is never oily. I expect the same thing will happen to my scalp.

We’ll see! I just know I can’t go back to using shampoo. This has to work!

How do you care for your hair?

Have you ever tried a ‘no poo’ method?

How did you like it?


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