Nomad plans for this year.

I lived in Glasgow for 4 months before I moved to Dundee. Last week I spent a few days in Glasgow so I could catch up with friends and sell off the last of my belongings there. I just can’t hold on to anything–minimalist “problems” for real!

It was weird (good weird) to be back in Glasgow after living in Dundee for a month. Nostalgia overwhelmed me as I walked the same streets I’ve walked countless times before. Seriously, I walked everywhere in that city! I feel the same way about Edinburgh each time I revisit my favourite haunts. I honestly feel like I’ve been living here for years. I love it so much!

I’m sad to leave Scotland, but Europe is calling me. As of today, I have one more month left in Scotland before I set off on a 6-month adventure across Europe.

Here are my plans currently:

  • Berlin: May 30 – June 17
  • Poznań: June 18 – July 1
  • Munich: July 1 – July 6
  • Mallorca: July 6 – 20
  • Barcelona: July 20 – Aug 3
  • Paris / Brussels: Aug. 3 – 17
  • Slovenia / Croatia: Aug. 17 – Oct. 26
  • Ireland: Oct. 26 – Dec. 4

I am most anxious about visiting Slovenia and Croatia, only because my plan is very flexible at that point. I fly into Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, and will spend up to 10 days exploring Slovenia before crossing the border into Croatia. I plan on following Rick Steves’ Slovenia and Croatia itinerary as a guide. The biggest modification is that I will need to rely on public transportation. I’ll have over two months to complete his itinerary, so I will definitely take my time exploring the Croatian coast.

One of my goals for this trip is to pay next to nothing for accommodations. I’d rather save money and meet new people along the way. I feel like there are plenty of friendly like-minded people out there who’d be willing to let me crash at their place for a week or two, so why not put myself out there and make some new friends? I’ll be crashing with friends I met through Instagram in Berlin, a friend I met through school in Munich, and staying with my boyfriend and his family in Poznań. I have Couchsurfing secured for Barcelona and plan on Couchsurfing for the rest of my trip.

Have you visited any of these locations? Do you have any travel tips you’d like to share?


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