Will eating carbs make you fat?

Carbs will not make you fat. This is the biggest misconception when it comes to the high carb low fat lifestyle. I explain why in my e-book, Eat Like Me: High Carb Low Fat for Beginners.

People incorrectly assume carbs make us fat because of the foods typically served with carbs. Non-vegan pasta dishes are loaded with fatty cheese, meat, and oil. Eating a fatty pasta meal like this will no doubt make you gain weight. The culprit is not the pasta itself. The fatty cheese, meat, and oil are to blame.

Your staples should be clean carbs like oats, rice, bread, potatoes, pasta, and pizza. Fill up on these and eat until you are satisfied. Never ever attempt to follow a low carb diet because carbs are the main energy source for our bodies. We need carbs to function! If you are aiming to lose weight, minimize your fat intake but continue to eat clean carbs.

You can be healthy and fit effortlessly, eating as many carbs as you care for as long as you stay active. If you like running, run! If you don’t like running, try biking, walking, or swimming. You need to move your body every day. You really can eat pasta, bread, and pizza! This is why I love this lifestyle. You never have to go hungry!

Since publishing this book at the end of last year, I have transitioned to eating primarily whole fruits, veggies, and potatoes. Clean carbs like oats, rice, bread, pasta, and pizza are still healthful foods when eaten without fat. Eat them as often as you like but remember to avoid fats and fill up on fruits and veggies. Stay active as well!


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