Let’s go for a walk, for nine hours straight.

My friend Rebecca and I walked a small portion of the Green Circular path in Dundee a few weeks ago. After learning that the path encircles Dundee with a total distance of roughly a marathon (26-27 miles), I knew my next goal would be to walk the entire path.

Well, I’m proud to say we achieved that goal yesterday.

Rebecca and I set out at 8 a.m. (starting in the city centre at the Overgate) and completed the Circular at 5 p.m., ending the walk with a well-deserved dinner at Avery & Co.!

Vegan fitness for the win! Rebecca is also vegan and currently training for several running races including half marathons and a full marathon this May. I don’t run anymore, but I am a wee bit crazy when it comes to walking!

My grand total was 31.47 miles yesterday. That’s a new record for me! Previously, my boyfriend and I walked around 30 miles over a 24-hour period in Glasgow. We were casually walking and taking breaks here and there, as we were snapping photos all day. Yesterday was a completely different animal. Rebecca and I walked continuously for most of the 9 hours. We took some breaks, but only for a few minutes each time. We would have kept pushing on if we didn’t need to refuel.

My fuel during the walk:

  • 2 packs grapes
  • 2 large packs blueberries
  • 1 sack clementines
  • 1 Trek bar
  • 2 Nakd bars
  • 5 raw energy balls (made by Rebecca–delicious!)

I was very hungry by the end of the walk. We must have burned close to 3000 calories, so no surprise there! I feel I should have packed more food, though, as she graciously provided me with the Trek bar and energy balls. I would have been ravenously hungry without them. I also made the mistake of skipping breakfast that morning. That definitely won’t happen again.

I plan on walking the entire Circular again in May with my boyfriend and our other vegan friends in tow.

But for now, I’m content to spend today lounging, editing photos and eating everything in sight.


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