Weight gain as a vegan.

Why do I gain weight on a vegan diet?

Often I get asked questions pertaining to weight gain.

I know this is difficult, but try not to worry too much about gaining weight.

A vegan diet isn’t a panacea for weight loss. Plenty of vegan foods like mock meats and cheeses, cookies, cakes, and ice cream (all the vegan treats, sadly!) are processed and high in fat and salt. Eliminate or reduce the consumption of these foods if you want to lose weight.

If you eat primarily whole fruits and veggies, potatoes, whole grains, and rice, and keep fat and salt to a minimum while leading an active lifestyle, your body weight will sort itself out.

Following a vegan diet is great for our health but we also have to incorporate some type of activity into our daily routines. Walking, running, biking, swimming…we have lots of fun options! I don’t have a work out routine currently, but I do walk everywhere. Usually, I walk 6-10 miles per day (as I’m running errands or visiting friends) but today I walked 30 miles in 9 hours around Dundee! I like to move.

I also stopped weighing myself a while back and recommend others do the same. I recommend not focusing on a number since your weight will fluctuate as you gain muscle, since muscle weighs more than fat, and after you eat salty foods. Not weighing myself has significantly reduced my stress because I’m not worrying about getting below a certain number. I don’t need a number making me feel bad about myself. It’s just a number…high or low, it doesn’t make me any less of an awesome person.

Instead of focusing on how much you weigh, focus on how well you feel. That is a much better indicator of health and wellness than a number on a scale.



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