Quit coffee and save money.

Today is Day 17 without caffeine.

If a full-blown mocha fiend and caffeine junkie like me can quit caffeine, you can too!

I’m sitting in my favourite café, Brew Lab in Edinburgh, right now, savouring this decaf coffee. I never thought I’d ever be free from my caffeine addiction considering the intensity of my coffee lust during the first few days into my detox. I was still longing for a latte after nine days without it. 

But now I can honestly say I don’t miss caffeine at all. I did it!

Now I realise I only missed the experience of drinking coffee, not the caffeine. I am perfectly happy with a decaf coffee as a treat. I’m still able to visit my favourite café and enjoy coffee, but I’m not subjecting myself to all the negative side effects that come with caffeine. 

Health reasons aside, I also wanted to quit coffee because I was spending far too much money on it. 

If you’re like me and enjoy indulging in coffee while out and about, typically you spend:

  • £3 ($4) daily depending what you order.
  • £21 ($30) weekly.
  • £1092 ($1542) each year! 

I’d rather save that money or spend it on other things, like fruit or airfare.

Could you quit coffee to save money? How would you spend your savings?


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