This veg life is hard.

I’m still flat-sitting in Edinburgh. I worked hard today (as always…) and only ventured outside twice. The first time I procured fruit and veg at the big Tesco down the street. The second time I walked the dogs.

At the big Tesco, my boyfriend and I bought all the fruit and veg we cared for, focusing on what we’d prepare for dinner as well as ensuring we’d have plenty for breakfast tomorrow.

Together we spent £26.18 and bought:

  • 2 sacks sweet potatoes
  • 3 packs mushrooms
  • 2 packs asparagus
  • 1 pack green beans
  • 2 packs raspberries
  • 1 pack strawberries
  • 3 bags red grapes
  • 2 sacks clementines
  • 2 Innocent smoothies

The woman working the till commented that our purchase was “so healthy” twice! I love it when people notice that. Yes, I’m buying as much fruit and veg as I can fit in this basket, and yes, I’m going to eat all of it!

We had the smoothies as a pre-dinner snack. Our dinner: steamed sweet potatoes (1 sack), asparagus (2 packs), and green beans (1 pack), along with a Chinese cabbage I purchased the previous day. We also noshed on baked mushrooms (3 packs). Yum.

We don’t season our food or use any salt or oil. Veggies are tasty just as they are!

How do you like to eat your veggies?


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