Farewell, coffee.

Today is my 9th day without coffee. I don’t think it is possible for me to still be physically dependent on caffeine after that much time has passed, but thoughts of soya mochas, lattes, and tea often creep into my mind throughout the day. I’m in Edinburgh this weekend as I’m flat sitting for a friend, and I cannot stop thinking about how nice it would be to indulge in a mocha at my favourite café.

I decided to quit caffeine because I felt addicted. My first day without coffee was rough. My boyfriend, his pal, and I were on our way to Fort William for a weekend of hiking. My raging headache plus inevitable motion sickness due to the winding country roads forced us to pull over so I could puke. 

Fortunately, I felt much better the following day, but not 100%, as we hiked Ben Nevis. What a weekend to detox from caffeine! The severity of my withdrawal symptoms proves to me that I shouldn’t be drinking coffee regularly. If I can’t survive a day without it, I probably shouldn’t be consuming it. Granted, I can’t see the infrequent use of coffee as harmful, but as a mocha-fiend I was drinking it every day.

Nine days later and I haven’t had a sip of coffee or anything caffeinated. I haven’t really felt the need to drink coffee but today I was plagued by an inconvenient afternoon slump. Typically, my solution would have been a cup of tea or a mocha at Brew Lab, but now that I’m committed to quitting caffeine I was at a loss. Perhaps I’m just a bit tired from all the walking yesterday and today…so far I’ve walked 20 miles total between both days and today is far from over! Mind you these slumps aren’t as often as they used to be, probably because of all the fruit I’m eating, but some days I feel like I need a nap in the afternoon.

It would be a gross exaggeration to say that I’m sad that I can’t partake in a mocha, but I do miss the experience of coffee. Whether I’m reading a book or working online at a café, I enjoy my time there, eavesdropping on all the conversations and first-dates while savouring every sip. Honestly, I’m a bit envious when I pass by a café and notice all the happy people enjoying their lattes. I also pay attention to what they are eating, just because I’m curious!

Do you drink coffee or caffeine? Why or why not?


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