Let’s go for a walk.

Today I met up with my fellow vegan pal Rebecca for a nice long walk around Dundee. This is only my 3rd day of officially living here, so I still have plenty of exploring to do!

We walked along the Green Circular path, a 26-27 mile paved bike path that circles around Dundee. The easiest way to find the path is to head toward the water. We started near the Tay Bridge and walked toward Invergowrie, cut through a nature park (stay on the trails as it’s mating season for the birds there), and headed back into the city on the neverending Perth Road.

These maps of the western and eastern portion of the Green Circular path may help you plan your route if you decide to go for a stroll.

I needed fuel (fruit!) once we passed by Invergowrie, so Rebecca took me to Fraser’s Fruit and Veg in the west end as we made our way down Perth Road. The produce can be more pricey than what you’d find in Tesco, but their green grapes were to die for! I inhaled a bag full of grapes (only my 2nd bag today, but I still have a few more hours until bedtime…) and also picked up a wee bag of giant, super sweet and gooey medjool dates. I will be back for more!

Once in the city centre, Rebecca took me to Matthew’s Foods, an Asian food superstore a short walk from the Overgate. Here you can find fresh veggies (like napa cabbage–I will be back for you as well!) and cheaply priced bulk nuts and seeds. For y’all cooked-food vegans, you can find plenty of spices and sauces, mochi, bulk rice, every single type of noodle you can imagine (most of them gluten-free as they are made of rice or veggies)…basically, if you’re lucky enough to be invited to an all-vegan Asian-inspired potluck and you can’t find the ingredients for your dish in Tesco, go here!

I just ate 2nd dinner and I’m hungry just thinking about all the goodies we saw today.

Thanks to Rebecca for being a lovely tour guide. I will sleep well tonight after those 11 miles!

New goal: walk the entire Green Circular path.


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